Consumer Publications (2023)


Stellenbosch Visio

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Tip Africa Publishing

SAPF - Results (2023) - Consumer Publications

Judges Overview

With STELLENBOSCH VISIO the agency, TipAfrica, has succeeded in taking one of our country’s most beautiful towns and regions, putting has to offer into a shiny white box, and elegantly tying it up with a satin ribbon and perhaps a vine leaf on the side. The communication is clear, the articles are compelling and inspiring, and they cover a broad spectrum of topics: culture, art, food and wine, nature, people, community, beauty, fashion, and adventure. The publication serves as an excellent example of how the consistent use of layout elements can unify a magazine into a visual masterpiece. Stellenbosch Visio is a quality publication and a joy to read from start to finish!


1st Runner-up

Essential Flavours

entered by:

Media Xpose

2nd Runner-up

Club X

entered by:

Dentsu Creative Cape Town


Publications achieving an average of 75% and above are finalists.

Rove SA

entered by:

Media Xpose​


entered by:

Dentsu Creative Cape Town​

Poultry Bulletin

entered by:

Shaw Media

Baby's and beyond

entered by:

Media Xpose​