Best Headlines (2023)

Headlines are like jokes, it needs to be compact enough, intelligent enough, and punchy enough. There is just so much space for the 20-point font on one page. Yet, it needs to grab the attention of the reader and hint at the gist of the whole article. Conveying the topic, the tone of voice, and the information offered all in one blow-out punch. It is a rare skill, and we relish honouring the word smiths that came up with these lines!



The Wine. The People. The Stories

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Tip Africa Publishing

SAPF - Results (2023) - One-off Publications

Headlines are crisp and descriptive, and some are thought-provoking – ‘Agriculture wears a cap and gown’, ’Stewardship of the land and beyond’, and ‘Ancient aspects of dramatic terroir’. There is a tendency to superlatives, but that is quite understandable given the splendours of the Stellenbosch district. There are some wonderful phrases: ‘gangs of beady-eyed bandits’, ‘a cork throw away’, ‘friendliest scarecrows on earth’, and ‘gnarled beauty’.

Worthy Candidates

Go further, Go UP

University of Pretoria (UP)

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The headlines are excellent. They are descriptive, short, and to-the-point. Where they are not simply informative, they are engaging and intriguing: ‘Spoilt for choice’, ‘Take it from me’, ‘Taste a slice of SA’ … Teasers and intros are clear and engaging, and draw the reader into the text.


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Dentsu Creative Cape Town

One of the best attributes of the publication is its excellent headings. To mention a few of numerous jewels: Flour power. French affair. Feed your mood. Pasta la vista. Creme of the crop. Maize craze. Keep calm and curry on. They are all kept short and imaginative.


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The headings are imaginative, and punchy and lure the reader into the story. Intros are crisp and add value. Language use is excellent and appropriate. Topics well-chosen. Photos and captions are impeccable.

Stellenbosch Visio

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Tip Africa Publishing

I like the short, punchy, and clever headlines. It lures the reader into the appropriate story. Intros are kept short and interesting, language use is clean and appropriate for the target readers, which consist of decision-makers, semigrants, entrepreneurs, and social influencers, to name a few. Photographs have captions (when needed) and add value to the copy.