Best cover design (2023)

It is a daunting task to look over all these excellent designs and pick the one that truly stands out. A cover is critical. Much like a landing page of a website, you have seconds to grab the attention of your reader. Especially with consumer / commercial magazines and will make or break the sale. It is a well-known fact that Princess Diana’s face boosted sales every time she was used. Well – we don’t all have the luxury of an icon and corporate publications have a particularly tough crowd to engage.

After a lengthy debate, it is our privilege to nominate the following publications for their excellent cover pages.


Club X

entered by:

Dentsu Creative Cape Town

SAPF - Results (2023) - Best Cover Design

Club X: For edgy styling, design, and just one big WOW artwork of a cover. We are proud of your Pride and for doing it with elegance and style.

Worthy Candidates

City Views

entered by:

Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID)

City Views: No, it was not just the dog. It is the street art dog and showcasing Cape Town’s secrets – photography and art wrapped into one striking image.


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Taalgenoot: A thousand words and only one is typed. Need we say more? The photograph by conceptional photographer André Badenhorst lifts this cover into a surreal dimension where no words are needed.


entered by:

Dentsu Creative Cape Town

MyKitchen: Foodie magazines are always difficult to judge, they just look so sumptuous. But after a little cook-out with friends, MyKitchen got the nod as the most sumptuous-looking of them all.

Stellenbosch Visio

entered by:

Tip Africa Publishing

Stellenbosch Visio: Flair, Style, Wine, Legacy – this cover delivers it all on the inside. The careful composition of the cover image balances perfectly with the typography. It makes you want to open a bottle of bubbly and whisper a delicate ‘cheers’ to The Bos.


Special Mention

Nutun Ngage’s digital publication cover is not only engaging (pardon the pun), but also interactive and playful. A perfect execution and display of the new direction they are now taking (out with the old, in with the new) – well done!