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The Annual Reports category announced the most innovative trends in digital publishing this year. No more elementary URL links to annual reports in PDF format. Now we see landing pages bursting with infographics, report sectioning, financial figures presented graphically, and more technology than ever before. There are amazing initiatives such as – ‘select your language’, options to choose only the section of the the report you want to read, and even ‘compile-your-own report’ functions. We salute the editors who are shaping the future of the publishing industry with their fearless attitude. The SAPF is excited to see what innovation 2023 will bring and is proud to present the best of innovation in the competition.


NWU - Integrated Annual Report

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North-West University

NWU - Integrated Annual Report


1st Runner-up


Annual Report (2022)​

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Tip Africa Publishing

2nd Runner-up

Auditor General

Integrated Annual Report​

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