Best cover design

The collage of covers that made it to the list of finalists, is a bird’s eye view of all the excellent corporate publications produced in South Africa. It makes us proud to be involved in giving credit to these publications. Covers have to sell and promote, communicate, attract, entertain, inspire and explain. A tall order considering the size and the brevity of exposure it can offer.

After much deliberation between design experts and moderators three covers were selected from a list of 14 finalists. It is our privilege to nominate the following publications for displaying the best-designed covers.



Old mutual corporate

entered by:

John Brown Media

Mindspace - Old Mutual Corporate


1st Runner-up

sanlam connect

entered by:


2nd Runner-up

your career guide

entered by:


Please take note:

The South African Publication Forum’s Executive Team has decided that this category will no longer be available for entry from 2023. This category formed part of the “Partial-entry” category selection “Best Cover” at an additional fee of R500. This will change to a “Judges Recommendation”, free-of-charge and open-to-all BY DEFAULT category – the Design Judges will now submit a recommendation for your publication (cover) “to be considered” & “entered into” the “Best Cover Award” category. We take the feedback & requests of our Judges & Entrants serious [we are on your page].