It’s more than the score

More than rankings, certificates or trophies

Before you turn the page to the results of the SA Publication Forum’s 2022 Corporate Publication Competition, it is important to reflect on the value and purpose of this competition.

Over the last 20 years, the SA Publication Forum (SAPF) has established a robust process of reviewing South African corporate publications. SAPF brings together experts who can objectively assess how well corporate communication instruments deliver a brand’s message and evoke the desired reaction in its target market.

With this purpose in mind, the SAPF takes great care to give detailed feedback to winners, runners-up and finalists alike. This is so much more then merely a score. The feedback is there for you to internalise and use as a reference to excel even further – worth much more than merely knowing your ranking in the competition.

Before you move on

An overall observation of this year’s entries is the on-going drive to breathe back energy into brands and communication efforts post-Covid. There is also a distinct move to digitalisation. The level of innovation in the interactive digital space is breathtaking and will dictate the way corporates communicate in the future.

The level of excellence of the winners are outstanding.

There are a few newcomers that surprised everyone and we are glad you entered. We hope the input and feedback will help to improve your publications and that we will see you return with even more awe-inspiring innovation next year.

SAPF salute our entrants for being brave, stepping forward, and having their hard work scrutinised. We urge you to take the experts’ observations to heart and encourage you to keep up the good work. Become part of this community of practice that works towards the continuous improvement of South African Corporate communication and journalism.

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Award icons

The winners, first runners-up and second runners-up in the different categories each receive an ‘Award Icon’. Publishers can add this to the cover design of the publication receiving the award – or anywhere you want to use it. This Award Icon will be made available to you with your certificate and feedback sheet.