2023 Results - SAPF Publication Competition

After an overwhelming response from our entrants last year, we knew we were on the right track with our results publication. We are delighted to showcase the best of the best once again for 2023 in this publication.

To add value to your creative and production process, learning from the industry and constantly evolving with the fast-changing times is all part of how we stay on your page. And, while there is something to be said for a cold glass of bubbly and a “Cheers!” in person, in the end, we want engagement on a different level. One where we learn and grow.

Well done to all our entrants. It takes courage to put your work up for scrutiny and we acknowledge that. We thank our regulars who never fail to amaze us and a couple of newcomers who lift the bar so high, our judges had a tough job.

A special word of congratulations to the winners and finalists. We are not exaggerating when we say the competition was stiff. It is most gratifying to see the level of excellence in the industry remain high.

Now, pop that cork and page through the brag book of 2023.

“Focus your efforts on adding value rather than on promoting your achievements.”

This quote is probably the best way to describe why the SA Publication Forum does what it has been doing for 21 years. Yes, we are officially “grown-up” and with a legacy of value that we share with entrants. While we add value, you can promote your achievements with peer-recognised confidence.

Our entry process and judging methodology have been proven. Our entrants return year after year and use the feedback they get to report to clients and superiors alike. They thrive on the input given and we are proud to be associated with them and their work.

To just give a score, a certificate, and a trophy adds no value at all. Why does it matter if you only proverbially “make the podium” but don’t know why? The value is in the feedback. We can see over the years how our entrants have internalised ideas and comments.

Before you browse through

The competition excellence level this year was off the scale. Our judges really had a tough time considering who would take the coveted winner’s position. With digitalization now an established platform and tool, the bar has been lifted and we enjoy the result. The design style is on global trend standard with a healthy dose of homegrown contextuality. It is also clear that our entrants understand the power of the narrative and weaving a complete communication strategy that involves and entices their audience.

We congratulate each one of our entrants and commend you on your hard work. As in previous years, we urge you to take the experts’ observations to heart and encourage you to keep up the good work. Become part of this community of practice that works towards the continuous improvement of South African Corporate communication and journalism.

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SAPF - Results (2023) - Winner Badge
SAPF - Results (2023) - 1st Runner-up Badge
SAPF - Results (2023) - 2nd Runner-up Badge

Award icons

The winners, first runners-up and second runners-up in the different categories each receive an ‘Award Icon’. Publishers can add this to the cover design of the publication receiving the award – or anywhere you want to use it. This Award Icon will be made available to you with your certificate and feedback sheet.